1. Since we live here we meant to visit this locals goat cheese makers up in the hills. We already had bought some of their lovely cheese in some stores here in the valley but  this time we wanted to go directly there to buy it and see the amazing place where they make it. We enjoyed a good white wine while we tasted their specialities and we could figurate which ones we wanted to bring home. We were worried they wouldn’t like that we brought the dog with us, but all the opposite they let us free Darwin and he could happily play and wander around with two cute Border Collies they had there. So the day was perfect! I left that place so happy! (and not only because the wine hahaha ) because I love these mountains and the land where I live where I can still find pure natural products. Down here a video of how they make their cheese with the milk of their own happy goats. It seems the taste of the cheese changes depending of the season because of what the goats like to eat. Yum

    Formatgeria del Montseny from cesc garsot on Vimeo.

  2. photojojo:

    If you weren’t already convinced of the benefits of sunscreen, just wait until after this video!

    In “How the Sun Sees You,” Artist Thomas Leveritt set up a UV camera and filmed passersby in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

    Artist Films Random People with UV Camera in Brooklyn

    via Colossal

    I want this camera! It may make your flaws and sun damage pop out but it looks beautiful like Richard Avedon’s work.

  3. London Soho backgrounds  

  4. We stayed at this lovely home in Notting Hill and even though we can’t complain about our real home here in Spain we dreamt  a little bit about a life living  in this classy neighborhood and home. 

  5. Portobello 

  6. London/soho 

    It’s been 8 years I didn’t visit London, back then it was almost impossible to find good coffee anywhere, coffee tasted back then like dirty water seriously, I’m glad thanks to this new coffee-trend we were able to find good coffee and some great coffee places too!