1. Walking Darwin

  2. Big Paw attack

    You know Gigantic Kitties are total my thing!

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    I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been incredibly busy, as usual, but now with this little thing that doesn’t let me much time for myself! Let me introduce you the new guy at home, Darwin! We always wanted a dog, always. Since we were two teens my man and I would fantasy about the idea of having a dog, we even gave him a name, this name actually haha yeah, almost fifteen years ago we already had this name for our imaginary dog, so lame  haha, but hey it’s part of our story. Until now we didn’t feel enough responsible to getting one and we didn’t want to have it on a small apartment at the city either, so now  that we finally moved to the country and we have a garden we thought it was the right moment, plus I’m finally working from home so I’m able to be all day with him, which is perfect to rising a good balanced puppy. Those who follow me on Instagram or facebook has already seen him and heard too much about him already and finally I had the time to post my favorite pics of him around here too! He is such good looking dog! I’m completely in love <3  

    Like you see in these pics I made him a tepee, he doesn’t sleep much there ( he prefers be on the couch with us aarghh)  but he brings all his toys and bones there and spend some time there when he’s tired of us also it looks so fucking cool there in the middle of the living room! I love it! 

  4. You know I’m a obsessive person, and I’m currently obsessed with True Detective and couldn’t get that Handsome Family song out of my head so I recorded my cover of it as I do when I want to exorcise my soul off my demons. ‪#‎fictionismycrack‬ can I say I looove this song and its lyrics? hope I didn’t fuck it much with my accent. I have this friend who tried to get me into Handsome family and this album 8 years ago or so and who now must be hating my guts cause I jumped to the True Detective- lag wagon like everybody else and did this cover now haha sorry but this doesn’t mean I didn’t dig them already back then!

  5. Shop update! New book necklaces added! 

    So, I added new classics to my collection of book necklaces. Here, some pictures of some of them: Horror classics like Dracula, based on a really beautiful vintage cover from the 30s, Frankenstein, with a really cool pulp edition,  Sherlock Holmes (so popular nowadays), some child’s book classics like:  Alice in Wonderland, Where the wild things are, The Princess Bride, Le petit Prince, or the more contemporary classics like Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Check them out all at my shop Bunnyhell and remember I also make custom book necklaces with your favorite titles!

    PS. I’m particulary in love with the Where the Wild things are’s one and the Dracula’s <3 but I love all my children the same haha :P

  6. I love cloudy rainy days, specially in the country. I don’t know what it is, maybe the mystic vibes, the gothic tale look, the smell of the wet woods, I just love it. Always did. Since when I was little and me and my friend Elena would read out Poe on days like this when  we would meet during holidays at our respective family country homes.  Yesterday, my man and I decided to go to  hiking around the area where we live. He knew there was this abandoned castle that we strangely never visited through we have walked around so many times. It’s in the middle of a forest, on the top of a hill, a twenty minutes hard walk through the wild. When we got there I just flipped out. It was wonderful, the place, the situation, the moment. This castle its called: Castell de Montclús, but it is known as the Muslim’s castle, it’s a Castle from the XI century that belonged to some lord of the area during the middle times and even though it’s partly in ruins there’s still big part of the structure and you can totally imagine how it was. When we were taking these pictures, it was starting to rain and up in that big window, when I sat there for a while I could hear some crazy birds screaming, knowing the kind of place that was (behind  there was a big cliff)  I thought those crazy sounds would come from some eagle nest , but I couldn’t see them so who knows! Maybe it was some other bird. Note to me : buy  some binoculars.