1. We stayed at this lovely home in Notting Hill and even though we can’t complain about our real home here in Spain we dreamt  a little bit about a life living  in this classy neighborhood and home. 

  2. Portobello 

  3. London/soho 

    It’s been 8 years I didn’t visit London, back then it was almost impossible to find good coffee anywhere, coffee tasted back then like dirty water seriously, I’m glad thanks to this new coffee-trend we were able to find good coffee and some great coffee places too! 

  4. Borough Market for pork sandwiches, great fish and chips,  organic goat cheese ice-cream and amazing gluten-free carrot cake. I loved it and all what surrounds that area.

  5. London has great backgrounds, cold brew at brick lane with my man

  6. In honor of the release today of the movie The fault in our stars based on the book by John Green I added to my shop a the fault in our star book necklace! Since I started making the classic book necklaces  so many lovely people have asked me for  a custom book necklaces with this tittle so I though I’ll make it easier for future customers and bring it already into my shop and join it to my classic book necklaces family!  :D Check it out here